Garage Owners Insurance

cardealership_420x315Know what you are getting for the premium you are paying to make sure you are covered in the event of a loss.

There are different garage-keepers policies that cover different things.

Legal Liability – this is typically the least expensive garage package available. It comes in to play if a customer’s vehicle is damaged but the customer must prove that you are legally liable in order to recover damages from your insurance. This is not typically a good choice as it doesn’t end well for your relationship with your customer.

Direct Excess – This coverage is only applicable AFTER the client files a claim with their own personal auto insurance carrier. If their policy doesn’t cover all of the damages, then the garage-keepers policy would apply.

Direct Primary – Basically, you, as the garage owner, are taking responsibility for any claims and you are not putting any additional burdens on your customer’s to file a claim with their own insurance company.

Contact your insurance agent today to make sure you have the right coverage.